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We offer a range of affordable SEO Packages (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) plans to suit all budgets. Each plan is built from the ground up and whether your are a startup or an established business we can help you get onto the first page of Google for the words and phrases your potential customers are typing in every day. We use only ethical and white hat SEO techniques to give you the best results without the hefty fees.

In order to make the initial decision making process easier, we’ve grouped our plans to make it east for you to compare our SEO services for your website. In some instances however it’s necessary to customise a packages to suit your business. We will always work with you to identify and implement the fastest and shortest path to higher rankings and better qualified visitors for your website.

SEO & SEM are essential today for a number of reasons:

  • The majority of your potential visitors are likely to only ever see or click on the top 5 suggestions from the Google search engine results page (SERPS). In order to attract those visitors you need to be ranked on the front page for relevant and focussed keywords and phrases or you are almost invisible.
  • SEO has evolved significantly over the last few years and is no longer about ‘gaming the system’ and about providing helpful and relevant content to visitors that gives a positive user experience (UX).
  • Users trust Google recommendations and so ranking highly for relevant keywords and phrases builds trust with you audience.
  • SEO will put you ahead of your competition. Every visitor spending time on your website is not spending it on one of your competitors.

Our three levels of fixed price SEO packages provides a clear and defined schedule of SEO activity and all for a fixed monthly fee. Take a look at the different levels of service to find the one that best suits your budget and search engine marketing (SEM) needs.


  • Initial Keyword Research
  • SEO Consultancy (3 hours per month)
  • Landing Page Content Review
  • Optimisation of 3 landing pages
  • Meta Data, Alt & H tag Management
  • 1 Competitor Benchmark Report
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Initial Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Content Review
  • Optimisation of 6 landing pages
  • Meta Data, Alt & H tag Management
  • 2 Competitor Benchmark Report
  • 1 Blog or News Articles
  • Monthly Reporting


  • Initial Keyword Research
  • SEO Consultancy (6 hours per month)
  • Landing Page Content Review
  • Optimisation of 10 landing pages
  • Meta Data, Alt & H tag Management
  • 3 Competitor Benchmark Report
  • 3 Blog or News Articles
  • Content Marketing Plan
  • Monthly Reporting

SEO Packages – Further Information

Initial Keyword Research – Modern SEO is about topics (rather than just keywords) and traffic (rather than just rankings). We will research to the phrase, questions and queries your visitors are researching every day and understand their relevance to the users buying journey.

SEO Consultancy – No two websites are the same and so we allow time every month to allow for the time to focus on the particular needs of your website.

Landing Page Content Review – Having a page that ranks number 1 in Google is no use if it doesn’t convert for you. We’ll review all your key landing pages to make sure they are optimised to convert your visitors into enquiries and sales.

Optimise Landing Pages – As well as the on site SEO we will focus on the off site SEO to ensure all your key landing pages rank highly and drive relevant traffic to your website.

Meta data, Alt & H tag Management – Ensuring they are all correctly populated and structured is a ket factor of on site SEO. We’ll take care of all of it for you.

Competitor Benchmark Report – Understanding why your competitor ranks on the front page of Google and where they are getting their links from gives a key insight in what you need to do with your site.

Monthly Reporting – We’ll give you a detailed monthly report that covers all the key metrics (Users, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Top Pages, Traffic Sources etc), Rankings, Rank Changes and (even if you don’t take our Social Media Marketing Service) key metrics for your social media channels.

Content Marketing Plan – We’ll work with you to produce and implement a Content Marketing Plan to drive relevant and focussed traffic to your website via organic search, social and email marketing.

Blog / News Articles – We’ll research, prepare, produce and syndicate your blog and or news articles.

We area London based Digital Marketing Agency with over 10 years experience delivering a results based performance to clients across a wide range industries and sector. We won’t baffle or confuse you to justify our fees, our monthly reports lay out exactly what is happening. Whether it you, your team or your web designer, we’ll work in partnership to deliver the results you are looking for. We are a hands on agency and always available to chat through your ideas and thoughts. All of our SEO services are designed to blend seamlessly with our Social Media Marketing packages.

The Small Print…..

No company can guarantee you a position within the Google organic search results and and company that does should be avoided. SEO is also not an overnight or quick fix and leave it service. It is an ongoing process that involves research, analysis, adjustments, testing and improvements over time.  Most of our clients see an initial improvement within the first three months and significant improvements within 3 to 6 months.

We don’t tie our clients to long term contracts. All our packages run for an initial 3 months and thereafter can be cancelled with 1 months notice. We raise invoices at the start of each month which are payable within 14 days. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

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