Here’s 7 simple tips (1 a day) to improve your SEO over the next week. All are free and none should take more than 5 minutes to complete…….

  1. Is your site secure? From July 2018 Google’s Chrome browser has marked all non HTTPS websites as ‘not secure‘ and may result in your website being penalised in the SERP’s. Order an SSL certificate through your ISP to make sure your site is secure.
  2. Is your site mobile friendly? In 2018 Google rolled out Mobile First Indexing which means the mobile version of your website is now the most important. To see is your site is mobile friendly click here.
  3. How fast or slow is your website? Google now considers page speed (how quickly a page loads) as an important factor for where you rank within the SERP’s. To check your page speed click here.
  4. Do you have a www and a non www version of your website? If you do you are risking a penalty for duplicate content. Check your site re-directs correctly here.
  5. Have you claimed your free business profile on Google? If not click here to claim it today.
  6. Are you running Google Analytics on your site? If not, how can you tell how your visitors are interacting with your site?
  7. Have you set up Google Search Console and connected it to Google Analytics. Google Search Console lets Google tell you any specific problems it is having accessing your site.

These simple tips will help you to understand where your site is currently positioned and what you need to focus on to improve your visibility. For more information on any of the above or to discuss how we can improve your SEO, SEM and Social Media please contact us using the form below.

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