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Do you have a strategy for you website? DO you know what you want to achieve with your website? More visitors? More sales? More enquiries? More email sign ups? All or a combination of these?

We know from experience that rather than randomly updating your content, adding the odd bog article and occasionally adding a few links to your site that a holistic strategy, implemented correctly really is the difference between the success or failure of a website.

The biggest problem (apart from time) is knowing where to start! Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is constantly changing and it’s easy to get caught up following the latest craze or panicking and changing your plan every time there is a Google update.

The secret is that there is no secret. Whilst Google’s ability to understand, process and rank content has increased considerably the two key factors remain the same as they always have – Content and Links. Get these right and you are most of the way to your goals.

In the most recent survey conducted by (involving 150 search engine optimisation specialists) you can see their opinions of  the  weighting of factors thought to be used (or not used) in Google’s search algorithm.

Moz's 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors presents survey data

Links really are still the major driving factor behind better rankings! Google however has invested heavily in understanding content and more importantly search intent in order that they serve the most right content to their users.

With their Hummingbird update Google is also trying to understand the context of the different words together in order pages that match the meaning rank higher than pages that just match a few words.

When all is said and done, all Google is aiming to do is provide a positive user experience and that comes from correctly matching the right web pages to the users query and where possible taking into account the users intent.

Latent Semantic Indexing

In the ‘good old days’ SEO involved crafting pages around keywords. That’s not necessary now as Google can understand topics and variations on a theme. This means you can create a single page that will rank for multiple variations of keywords.

Search engine optimisation  today is about getting qualified traffic to your site  with quality content rather than chasing keywords for higher rankings and hoping your traffic isn’t too random.

How We Can Help You

Before we start anything we will conduct a simple audit of your site to check if there are any underlying issues with the site including Google penalties. One this is complete we will discuss with you what you wan to achieve from your site and this includes:

  1. Who are your target audience and who do you want to come to your site?
  2. What keywords and phrases are relevant to your site and the audience you want to attract and retain?
  3. Who are your ket competitors online?

Once we have this information we can then devise and implement a plan for you which is normally as follows:

  1. On Page Optimisation
    1. Ensuring all your existing content is working as hard as it can for you (Title Tags, Metadata, Header Tags, Images, Internal Linking and more)
  2. Content Marketing Strategy
    1. Where are the gaps in your content?
    2. What questions are your visitors asking?
    3. What problems are your prospects facing?
  3. Link Building
    1. Internal versus external
    2. Social Profiles
    3. Press Releases
  4. Measure Results and Revise Accordingly
    1. Understand what is working
    2. Change what isn’t
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